About PlanR

PlanR meets a growing need on the part of marketing professionals, agencies and consultants for accessible, up-to-date data and forecasts for the Irish marketplace - all in one place.  From consumer trends to spending forecasts to Net Promoter Scores - it's all on PlanR.

IT'S AS EASY AS 1-2-3: 
1) Register with PlanR
2) Take our free PlanR trial for one week and then we'll ask you if you want to register for the full service for one year
3) Then start creating your very own PlanR dashboard from more than 100 different data and forecast widgets
... to power your planning for your brand and business future.

We're proud of PlanR, but we're not precious: if you have ideas and suggestions for how we can make it better for you and other professionals - or ideas for data series we can add - then please don't hesitate to contact us.

You can simply email us at: PlanR@amarach.com and we'll get back to you (without trying to sell you too hard, promise!) or alternatively call us on: +353 1 410 5200 and ask to speak to Gerard or Michael.

We're excited about PlanR and we hope you find our excitement contagious - happy planning and a successful future to you and yours.